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W.I.N. Wednesday: Lessons From Life's Most Powerful Question - If you can't fly….

"If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward."

 Martin Luther King, Jr.

As I write this I am looking at this quote on a coffee cup I received from a Victim Services group I did a presentation for. This is a powerful message for people who have been victims of crime or victims of tragedy. 

It is also a powerful message for each of us in our day to day lives. 

Some days we wake up with great expectations for the day, expecting to fly, then something happens that takes the wind out from beneath our wings. The tendency can be to stop, hunker down, feel sorry for ourselves, write the day off as a loss and just do nothing. 

I have these days. I think we all do. I have days when I sit down to write one of my three weekly blogs, or work on a new presentation or seminar all fired up to write great content and have an amazingly productive day and something happens that throws me off. It might be an e-mail or phone call with bad news. It might be an unexpected bill or expense from your car or an appliance breaking down. It might be an illness in the family. Whatever it is, you feel like life just clipped your wings.

For me the key is to just keep moving forward. To keep writing, keep learning, keep working to find the good in the experience and to seek to put whatever happened in perspective. I may not be overly productive, I may have just crawled through the day but, at the end of the day I can be proud of the fact I kept moving forward and made some progress. Sometimes however, just the simple act of moving forward helps us to regain momentum and get back on track. 

It can be easy to make excuses, sink into victim mode and stop moving forward. 

What's Important Now is to choose something different. 

What's Important Now is to choose to keep moving forward. 

Take care.

Brian Willis

Committed to the pursuit of excellence through Life's Most Powerful Question - What's Important Now?

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