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W.I.N. Wednesday: Lessons From Life's Most Powerful Question - Do the math.

Some Sochi Winter Olympic statistics:

  • 2800+ athletes
  • 88 nations
  • 98 events - 7 sports (15 sport disciplines)
  • Population of the USA - 317,541,000 - Athletes competing in Sochi - 250
  • Population of Canada - 35, 295, 770 - Athletes competing in Sochi - 220

Now that you have a few facts here is a question - What do you celebrate? 

Do you celebrate the journey of these athletes to just get to the Olympics or do you just celebrate the podium finishes? Do you celebrate the effort these men and women have put in for years, and that they put in at the games or just the victories? 

Sadly, society has gotten to the point where many people only celebrate podium finishes and some only celebrate Gold medal wins and see Silver and Bronze medals as a disappointment. 

Take a few minutes and do the math (I would do it for you, but math is not my thing). What percentage of residents of Canada and the US will ever qualify to compete in the Olympics? Of all the athletes that do compete in Sochi what percentage will actually win a medal? 

Take a few minutes and read the blog post The Ups and Downs of Sochi by Scott Perras, a proud Canadian, a biathlon athlete, an Olympic athlete and a young man I am proud to call my friend. It will give you some insight into one of those 2800 athletes and the realities of Olympic competition. 

We need to learn to celebrate the journey of these men and women. We need to celebrate the effort, the sacrifices, the passion, the commitment to their sport and to their countries. We need to celebrate the competition not just the result. 

What's Important Now? Ask yourself "What am I celebrating today?" Celebrate your journey. Celebrate the small successes in your life. Teach your children and your employees to celebrate their successes. 

Take care.

Brian Willis

Committed to the pursuit of excellence through Life's Most Powerful Question - What's Important Now?

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