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W.I.N. Wednesday: Lessons From Life's Most Powerful Question - The Fourth C

Last Wednesday I wrote about the 3 C's - Connection - Commitment - Contribution. I received an e-mail response from Vince O'Neil in Oklahoma. Vince is a fellow law enforcement trainer who I have great respect and admiration for. I would like to share his response with you as i believe it has great value.


I really enjoyed your article. In the spirit of colleagues sharing, there's a fourth "C" . . . Consciousness. Actually, it's the first "C." Without it none of the Three C's exist. Consciousness is all about awareness, recognition and meaningfulness. The need to connect, commit and contribute to our profession is at the very heart of our vocation; it forms the totality of its foundation. That said, when we lose that sacred consciousness, that's when we become disconnected, complacent, and burdensome. That would be about the time W.I.N. becomes meaningless, and physical death -- mere formality.  

These are not original thoughts by any means. I usually distill processes through Bloom's Taxonomy: having learned it in Educational Psychology, c. 1970, it's become a habit. 'Hope you don't mind me making a contribution. 

Vince O'Neil

Vince makes a convincing argument that Consciousness is actually the first C. It is where connection, commitment and contribution all start. I appreciate Vince sharing his insights.

What's Important Now? - Start with Consciousness and let it flow into the other 3 C's.

Take care.

Brian Willis

Committed to the pursuit of excellence through Life's Most Powerful Question - What's Important Now?

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