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W.I.N. Wednesday: Lessons From Life's Most Powerful Question - Shut up. Stop whining and……..

During my presentation The Pursuit of Personal Excellence I share my personal story of the time in my life when I was consumed by victim thinking and made some less desirable decisions. Decisions that resulted in my spending a number of months living in the back seat of a 1964 Plymouth. Throughout the presentation I share strategies for breaking free of victim thinking including some of the ones I used to go from being a 60 pound overweight pack a day smoker with a grade 10 education to where I was able to change my life and realize my dream of becoming a police officer. During the strategy component of the seminar I mention a book by Larry Winget titled, 'Shut up. Stop Whining and Get a Life.' The title says it all and always gets a laugh as everyone can all imagine someone in their life they need to buy the book for. When I figured this out (and I have had to do it a few times in my life), it changed everything for me. That was the point when I started to take responsibility for my choices, thoughts, actions and attitude. 

Watching a the FIFA World Cup game (soccer for us North Americans) the other day reminded me of the book. The players are incredible athletes with impressive levels of fitness but, they make me want to scream at the television, "Shut up. Stop Whining and play the game." The feigned injuries, the constant whining to the referee detracts from the game. The players antics got me thinking about how applicable the first part of Larry's book title is. How often have you wanted to tell someone to:

  • Shut up. Stop whining and change your attitude.
  • Shut up. Stop whining and change your circumstances.
  • Shut up. Stop whining and change your job.
  • Shut up. Stop whining and change your language.
  • Shut up. Stop whining and change your thinking.
  • Shut up. Stop whining and start hanging out with new friends. 

Ask yourself how often people have wanted to tell you to "Shut up. Stop whining and………… (fill in the blank)" 

What's Important Now? - Heed the advice of Nike and 'Just Do It' - Shut up. Stop whining and get a life. 

Take care.

Brian Willis

Committed to the pursuit of excellence through Life's Most Powerful Question - What's Important Now?

Contact me at winningmind@mac.com if you would like to have me speak to your team,  your organization or at your conference. 

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