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W.I.N. Wednesday: To doubt is human.

Recently I was having an e-mail discussion with an elite athlete I have worked with for a number of years. In the e-mail he expressed concerns that he was having doubts regarding certain aspects of his performance. 

My response was, "to doubt is to be human". There are times when we all have doubts regarding our abilities, our level of preparation, our level of education, or our level of fitness. We have those doubts before the big presentation at work, or the first time you speak on a stage in front of hundreds or people (or in front of your role models and mentors), or before the first face at a new distance, or the first race where the results matter, or before the big test. To doubt, is to be human. 

The key is to take control of the response to those doubts and use the doubts as a stepping stone to positive self talk, a positive attitude and a positive result. When the doubt creeps in start by turning it into a question, “Can I….?”, “Will I be able to….?”, “ Am I….”. Then answer the question with an emphatic, positive response. "Hell yes I can.” “I have done it before and know I can do it this time.” “I have done the work and I am ready.” “I am strong, fit, healthy and ready to conquer this challenge."

Enhance the self talk with imagery by imagining past successes and achievements. Use those images and the accompanying positive feelings and emotions to turn the doubt into a belief that you can and you will succeed. Imagine all the work and preparation you have put in so far and allow yourself to feel confident knowing that you have done the work and that you are ready, you are capable and you are worthy of success.

Dealing with doubt is really about ‘Reframing’. Reframing is taking a potential negative whether it is thoughts, environmental conditions or circumstances and reframe it into something positive. Reframe the ‘obstacle’ into an ‘opportunity’. It may be an opportunity to share your message with a whole new audience, an opportunity to pitch your idea directly to the decision makers, the opportunity to challenge your mental and physical fitness in a new event or the opportunity to compete on a world stage for the first time. 

To doubt is human. Allow yourself to be human, then reframe the doubt and allow yourself to celebrate the work you have put in and to focus on success. 

Take care.

Brian Willis

Committed to the pursuit of excellence through Life's Most Powerful Question - What's Important Now?

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