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W.I.N. Wednesday: Your Power. Are you giving it away or taking it back?

It’s your power. You have to decide if you are going to take it back, or give it away.

You give it away when you hold on to anger and resentment towards other people. You give it away when you let other people control how you feel and how you respond. You give it away when you let the comments and actions of others ruin your day, and negatively affect your attitude, your happiness and your health. 

You do not control other people. You do not control what they say, or what they do. You do control yourself and how you respond.

You take back your power when you forgive other people and set them free. When I talk about forgiveness I do not mean "forgive and forget" or condoning the words or actions of others. You do not control them, you have no power to change them, you cannot make them "take it back". You do have a choice however. You can choose to hold onto the anger and hurt and give them the power or choose to forgive them and set them free, and in doing so take back your power, your control and your life. 

You take back your power when you accept the reality that you cannot change, or fix other people. You only have control over you.  

You take back your power when you take a breath, build a bridge and "get over it". Holding on to 'stuff’ from the past only drains your power and gives it to others. 

It is your power. Your life. Your choice.  

What's Important Now? - Choose wisely. 

Take care.

Brian Willis


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