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W.I.N. Wednesday: What you up to Willis?

I have had a number of people ask me lately about what I am up to as far as new projects. Well, there are two main ones - The Excellence in Training Academy and WINx.

The Excellence in Training Academy is a membership site created for law enforcement trainers who want to invest in their professional development and growth as part of their journey to become great trainers. I hear from trainers across North America who are frustrated by shrinking training budgets and restrictions on travel that keep them from being able to attend professional development training programs. These dedicated trainers (you may be one of them) are also frustrated by the lack of training programs focused on helping them become better trainers, not just more effective practitioners. If you are one of those trainers, or know someone who is, the Excellence in Training Academy is here to serve you. We provide new training every week in the form of audio interviews and webinars. The interviews are with top trainers who share their knowledge, experience and wisdom and provide strategies and tactics to enhance your skills and abilities as a trainer. The end result is better training for your officers. In addition to audio interviews and commentaries the Academy offers monthly webinars, which provide a deep dive into the Excellence in Training philosophy, answer pressing questions trainers have and provide insights and take aways from books and courses. This training is accessible to members of the Excellence in Training Academy when it is convenient for them and can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smart phone. There are also a number of bonuses for members of the Excellence in Training Academy Community. Check out www.excellenceintrainingacademy.com for more details and to join the community. Join today and you will be eligible for this month's book give away. 

WINx: Inspiring Excellence in Law Enforcement is a unique training event for the law enforcement profession that I am proud to be running with Roy Bethge and the amazing team from The Virtus Group. The event takes place on November 18 in Lisle, Illinois, at the Grounds for Hope Cafe. 

WINx is a fast paced, dynamic learning experience consisting of nine presentations which are each 18 minutes in length. In addition to the dynamic presentations there are interactive sessions before and between presentations. Each of the WINx presentations addresses an issue critical to the law enforcement profession and will challenge, engage and inspire attendees to action. This is the first year for WINx.

"Excellence is a choice. A choice to think, train and lead differently. WINx is a unique experience in law enforcement created to inspire excellence in the profession."
Brian Willis, Co- Creator of WINx and President, Winning Mind Training

WINx speakers are from around North America. Full information about WINx and our speakers can be found at http://www.experiencewinx.com/2015-experience/

The list of speakers is as follows:

  • Melissa Agnes, President and co-founder of Agnes + Day Inc., a Crisis Management Firm
  • Mark Fallon, Director of ClubFed, LLC, retired NCIS agent
  • Charles Huth, Police Captain and Past-President of the National Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Kevin Briggs, Retired California Highway Patrol Sergeant and nationally renowned speaker
  • Brian Willis, CEO Winning Mind Training, retired Police Sergeant
  • John Bostain, co-owner and Lead Instructor for Command Presence Training Associates
  • Daniel Linskey, Superintendent-in-Chief (Retired), Boston Police Department 
  • Jamey Gadoury, Talent management professional, West Point Graduate and retired Army Infantry Officer
  • Patrick Van Horne, author of Left of Bang: How the Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life

“WINx is exactly what our profession needs right now.  It’s time for all of us to challenge ourselves to think, lead, live, train, behave and prepare differently”

Roy Bethge, Co-Creator of WINx and Deputy Police Chief. 

As a W.I.N. Newsletter subscriber you can save $20.00 off the registration price for you and your friends by using the code WIN20. Space is limited so register soon and be sure to bring a friend.

This event will be worth travelling to and we will have a special room rate at the Hilton in Lisle if you want to stay overnight.

Take care.

Brian Willis


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