maximizing human potential through Life's Most Powerful Question.

W.I.N. Wednesday: You have to choose.

In my Dare to Be Great leadership workshops and my conference presentations Embrace the Suck and Dare to Be Great, I talk about the reality that greatness is a choice. Every day you have to choose between Daring to Be Great and embracing mediocrity.

Mediocrity is easy - embrace the status quo and just keep doing what you have always done.

Daring to be great takes work. Hard work. It requires showing up every day with a commitment to learn, grow and put in the effort to be better than you were yesterday.

Daring to be great means you will make mistakes, you will stumble, you will fall and you will fail. Every time you fall you have to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, determine what you learned and how you will grow from the experience and then move forward a little bloodied and bruised but better off for the experience. It means that when you screw up you stand up, own up, learn from the experience and move forward better off for the experience. 

In a blog post last year Seth Godin wrote about: The four horsemen of mediocrity:

1  Deniability - "They decided, created, commanded or blocked. Not my fault."

2  Helplessness - "My boss won't let me."

3  Contempt - "They don't pay me enough to put up with the likes of these customers."

4  Fear - "It's good enough, it's not worth the risk, people will talk, this might not work..."

Daring to be great requires that you are aware of "The Four Horsemen" and keep yourself from sliding into that victim mentality. 

What's Important Now? Choose to do the work. Choose greatness over mediocrity. Remember that every day is a new chance to choose. 

Take care.

Brian Willis


Maximizing human potential through Life's Most Powerful Question - What's Important Now?

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