maximizing human potential through Life's Most Powerful Question.

W.I.N. Wednesday: Teach these to your kids.

Labour Day is over and all the kids are now back to school. Over the coming months they will be exposed to a number of challenges, lessons and problems. They will have struggles, successes and failures. 

To help your children deal with these challenges and help prepare them for the realities of life I recommend you share these 2 questions and 3 rules. I teach these same 2 questions and 3 rules in my leadership and other workshops and seminars. 

The two questions are:

  1. What's Important Now?
  2. What's the right thing to do?

The three rules come from Pete Carroll's Win Forever philosophy and they are:

  1. Always protect the team.
  2. No whining, no complaining, no excuses.
  3. Be early. 

Have a discussion with your kids about what each of the questions and the rules mean. If you have been reading these posts for any time then you already have a sense as to the broad applications for question #1 W.I.N. from homework, to chores to practicing the piano. Make sure to ask them what they think each of them mean and how they can apply them.

When you talk about question #2 What's the right thing to do?, make sure they understand that doing what is right is not always what is fast, easy or popular, but it is always what is right. It might mean standing up for the new or different kid that all their friends are picking on, or refusing to talk badly about another kid in class or spread rumours. It might mean sitting with the kid who always sits alone in the cafeteria instead of sitting with the popular kids. 

As for the three rules, #1 Always Protect the Team does not just apply to the sports teams. Their decisions and actions reflect on their family, their school and their community. If you focus on W.I.N. and doing what is right this will generally look after itself. 

Rule #2 is self explanatory and can be referred to by the parents, or the children when any family member gets caught up in whining, complaining and the blame game that is all too common today.

Be Early means be early for school, for meetings, for practice, and for games. It also means be early to adopt new ideas and new ways of thinking and embracing positive change. 

Let me know how you are implementing these 2 questions and 3 rules into your family and your life.

What's Important Now? The rules apply to you as well as your kids and they are a way for your kids to also hold you accountable. 

Take care.

Brian Willis


Maximizing human potential through Life's Most Powerful Question - What's Important Now?

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