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W.I.N. Wednesday: Be proud to be a glue guy or gal.

If you follow sports it is an interesting time of year. The NFL, NBA, NHL all had their drafts recently. Leading up to the draft was all the hype around who would be the #1 pick, who would be the next superstar in the league. Every year these drafts generate a new batch of millionaire athletes. 

It is also free agency time in the NHL and NBA and teams are all scrambling to sign or re-sign the superstars. In the NBA there are a number of players who will earn 35 to 40 million dollars next year in salary alone.  

It is also World Cup time for the millions of soccer fans around the world. While the English fans are celebrating going deeper into the tournament than they have in the past few World Cups the much anticipated matchup between Messi and Reynaldo never materialized. 

Baseball is about half way through their season while the CFL season is in the early stages and the NFL teams are getting ready for training camp. 

The interesting thing when you listen to all the talk about sports teams, much like the business world, is that the majority of the talk and hype is about the superstars. The top scorers, top earners, and top draft picks some of whom never live up to the hype.

Most of us however are not superstars. We are what Dock Vitale calls “glue guys and gals”.

"Glue guys aren't superstars. They're not the No. 1 option. They just do things only coaches really appreciate. The stars get the headlines, but glue guys help you get in the winner's circle. I don't think you can win without having that kind of player."

Dick Vitale

This is not a sports thing. Every profession has glue guys and gals and every successful organization has them. 

You are not the highest paid, not the best known, and may not have the highest stats. You show up every day and give 100% effort. You continually strive to be your best, the best version of yourself that you can be. You are team players and continually contribute to the overall team goals and mission. You are not concerned with who gets the credit; in fact you live by the adage, “Take the blame and give away the credit”. You do the work that needs to be done and often the work no one else wants to do, and you do it to the best of your ability. 

What’s Important Now? Be proud to be a “Glue guy or gal”. You are what holds the team together. Without glue guys and gals there would be no superstars, there would be no championships, there would be no successful companies and organizations.

Note: To all our W.I.N. Wednesday subscribers in the United States, Happy 4thof July. As you gather with family and friends remember W.I.N..

Take care.

Brian Willis



Maximizing human potential through Life's Most Powerful Question - What's Important Now?

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