maximizing human potential through Life's Most Powerful Question.

W.I.N. Wednesday: Your task is not to begin in a noble place, but to end up in one.

"Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday."

John Wayne

In order not to disappoint tomorrow we need to learn something useful today. Something that will help us to grow intellectually, to connect the dots between what we are learning and what we already know, to improve our health or well being, to better serve others, to be better in some area of our personal life or to do our job better. 

In order to achieve that you need to read something that is intellectually stimulating, or listen to a non-fiction audio book, or listen to a podcast or interview someone who has experience or expertise in an area of interest, or engage in a conversation with someone who will challenge the way you think.

The key is to be intentional regarding your learning. Think of learning as an investment. An investment in your personal and professional growth and development. An investment in your health. An investment in your future.

If you invest 10 minutes a day, every day, to read a non-fiction book then over the course of 12 months you will read at least 10 non-fiction books. 

Investing an hour a day, every day, to listen audio books, podcasts or other educational material results in nine 40 hour weeks of learning every year. That is the equivalent of three semesters of University or at least 36 audio books. 

“Approach each day as if you have something new to learn. Your task is not to begin in a noble place, but to end up in one.”

Eric Greitens, Resilience

What's Important Now? Be intentional about approaching each day as if you have something new to learn and investing in your learning.

Take care.

Brian Willis



Maximizing human potential through Life's Most Powerful Question - What's Important Now?

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